The associate director & the controllers


Case Study – The Associate Director & the Controllers


Read The Associate Director & the Controllersand write an analysis based on what you currently know about the health care industry – and about business in general.  Be prepared to present it in class. 


Follow this format –


The paper should be 1 to 1.5 pages, double spaced, Arial 11 font, 1 inch margins.


  1. Begin the paper with a BRIEF summary of the article – about 1/3 of the content. 

    The rest of the paper should be your analysis of the article – 2/3 of the content.

  2.  Address these issues :


  • What is the obvious problem, and what is the deeper, more subtle problem?

  • How did Jim Joel get to this point?

  • What are his top 2 options for solving the problem?

  • What would you do, and why?

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