The insights you have after the ppt and note

provide key insights that you gathered from this seminar  that were not on the PPT or mentioned directly by the lecturer.

 at least 300 words

need give two or three ideas and examples

one of the ides from the PPT discussion 

You are expected to:

  • Describe the insight you have
  • Explain why these insights are significant 
  • Demonstrate how these insights relate to management theory and apply to management practice 


Lesson 1:

Goleman, D (2009). What makes a leader? HBR

Bolden, R. (2004). What is Leadership? University of Exeter.

Principles of Management. Chapter 10.

Human Relations. Chapter 12.

Lesson 2:

Principles of Management – Chapter 7, Section 5

Moss-Kanter, R. (1999). Leader to Leader.

Kotter, J (2014). Accelerate.

Boyatzis, Smith and Van Oosten (2010). Coaching for Change. People Matters.

Beer, M and Nohria, N. (2000). Cracking the code of change. Harvard Business

Lesson 3:

Nayar, V. (2010). How I did it: A maverick CEO explains how he persuaded his team to leap into the future. Harvard Business Review.

Organizational Behavior Chapter 15

Kruse, K. (2012). What is Employee Engagement. Forbes

Denning, S. (2015). How to make the whole organisation agile. Forbes

Gothelf, J. (2014). Bring agile to the whole organisation. Harvard Business Review

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