The transition to a higher reliance on technological systems


The transition to a higher reliance on technological systems represented a significant change in the development and use of technology and its relationships with society, including institutions within society. The practice of science shows at least some of the elements that characterize large-scale, interconnected (complex) systems. Given what you have learned about technological systems, explain how the practice of science might be legitimately called a system (or systems) similar to large, complex technological systems. In order to answer this question, you must identify the characteristics of these kinds of technological systems (you must refer to points covered by Hughes in Chapter 4), along with their significance. You are expected to use examples from a range of technologies/technological systems and science/science systems to illustrate your points.

This paper should be about how scientists and organizations associated with science function. You must discuss cover social, political and organizational factors, and you also should consider a variety of sciences, including at least one natural science (physics, astronomy, biology, etc.). Medicine and computer science are not sufficient. 

You paper should not be about any of the following:

·  Natural systems that scientists study and how these systems are complex or are similar to technological systems

·  Relationships between science and technology

·  The use of science in technology or the use of technology in science

Respond to the question in a 6-8 page paper. Be sure to demonstrate a critical and detailed understanding of the course material and use additional research to support your position. Your bibliography does not have to be annotated.

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