This needs to be a word document with each item numbered. excel


This needs to be a Word document with each item numbered. Excel spreadsheets with relevant calculations should be embedded within the document.

In order to maximize the company’s profitability, prepare an analysis that will show which product or products Sportway Corporation should manufacture or purchase.

See Attached Case Study


1. First determine which of Sportway’s options makes the best use of its scarce resources. How many skateboards and tackle boxes should be manufactured? How many tackle boxes should be purchased?

2. Calculate the improvement in Sportway’s total contribution margin if it adopts the optimal strategy rather than continuing with the status quo.

Introduction to the case: The background on the case is presented, and the explanation demonstrates a superior understanding of the case materials.

Choice of analyses: A strong understanding of the decision to be made is demonstrated. A logical approach to the decision is presented and supported through the use of outside references. A valid conclusion is made and well-supported by computations that are presented in an accepted format.

Presentation of Data: Data presented to support the decision is accurate, persuasive and presents more information than required by the assignment.

Conclusions, results: Conclusions drawn are valid, clearly stated and supported, and demonstrate the high-level analysis of the issues.

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