This post should be in response to the following questions and must


This post should be in RESPONSE TO THE FOLLOWING QUESTIONS and must be 150 words.




1. Define personal culture.


2. Discuss your own personal culture. 


3. What are the core values of YOUR particular culture? 


4. Specifically, how do these core values affect your BEHAVIOR as a CONSUMER (in other words what do you purchase or not purchase due to your core values)? 


5. Generally are your core values collectivist or individualistic and why?   Most importantly, what are the implications regarding cultures and core values for companies marketing products and services to consumers?


6. Did you find the value handout(located under the course materials) helpful related to this discussion?


Be specific and provide EXAMPLES. Include scholarly research on core values as they relate to consumer behavior. 




Read the Chapter 2 study: Jay Minkoff, a Decision Maker at First Flavor Inc.




Answer each question in 200 words.


  1. Summarize the company’s offerings, and identify its dilemmas.

  2.   Read the detailed description of First Flavor, Inc. at


Discuss their mission and marketing objectives, and the role of a situational analysis in the company’s success.


3.      Explain the importance of a solid but flexible business plan for First Flavor, Inc.


4.As a marketing manager for Flavor Strips, Inc., what other strategies might the company choose to explore?


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