Unit iv ori | DBA 7000 – Doctoral Student Orientation | Columbia Southern University

 Utilize the method demonstrated in Dr.  Whitaker’s video (in the required unit resources section) to analyze two  published dissertations found in the CSU Online Library. Your analysis  should include the information below.  

  • Complete a brief overview of each study. 
  • Describe the limitations of the study and/or recommendations for future study. 
  • Describe a new study that could be completed after reviewing  this dissertation. This description of the new study could include a  problem statement, description of population to be studied, method of  study, and any other parameters that would be different from the  original dissertation study. 
  • Explain how this new study would contribute to the literature. 

The length of this submission should  be two to three pages in length, not counting the title page and  reference page. As a reminder, use your APA manual to correctly format  the title page and reference page. The reference page should include APA  references for the two dissertations you are analyzing.  

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