Visionary science application paper | Psychology homework help


This is a SMALL 1000-words paper, so don’t let the word “paper” mislead you. As long as you do it sufficiently, you will get 100% of the points. 50% for half done in quality/quantity. 0% for insufficient work. So, there is no need to worry about strict or critical evaluation of your writing. It will be worth 59 points. The goal is to offer you practice in not just LEARNING scientific psychology, but actually APPLYING said science in making the world a better place (unfortunately, many people learn a lot of great science in college but don’t apply much/any of it).

What to write about:

Your task is to pick a topic/concept from the course and design a real-life project you could possibly implement. Explain

  1. WHAT this psychological science idea is, and
  2. HOW you will use this idea to change the world, improve the quality of life for people, or even push the frontiers of scientific inquiry/application.

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