Week 1 – thesis & outline submission (mandatory submission to the owl

The is assignment is comprised of two parts, a persuasive thesis statement and an outline for your persuasive paper. The persuasive thesis statement is worth 20 points of the overall grade and will be graded based on the thesis statement being submitted in a persuasive format and the components that you will be addressing within the paper. Grammar and mechanics are worth 10 points, a deduction of one point will be taken off for each different type of grammar or mechanical error that is made. The outline will be worth 70 points and will be graded based on you presenting the components of your thesis statements (topics) and two subtopics under each component. There should be a minimum of three topics with two subtopics under each. The number of points assigned to each topic will vary based on the number of topics used; for example, if a student presents five topics with two subtopics then each is worth 14 points (70 divided by five), if a student presents four topics with two subtopics then each is worth 17 points (70 divided by four), if a student presents three topics with two subtopics, then each is worth 23 points( 70 divided by three).  

  • Paper Requirements
  • The requirements regarding paper length and format of resources should also help determine which topic you choose. Think about the following before choosing a topic:
  • How long is my paper supposed to be and can I find enough information on my subject to write that much? Alternatively, is my topic too big or too general for a paper of this size?
  • What sort of resources does my instructor want me to use (databases, government statistics, etc.) and can I find those on this topic?  Remember it is a good idea to do some preliminary research to determine whether or not there are enough resources in the required formats.
  • Does the paper have to be about a current topic or the history and development of something?
  • Paper Outline:
  • If you are not really familiar with constructing a template for a research paper outline, please review the following example:
  • Title
  1. Topic One
    1. Subtopic 1 (Topics you want to cover)
    2. Subtopic 2 (Topics you want to cover)
    3. Etc
  2. Topic Two
    1. Subtopic 1 (Topics you want to cover)
    2. Subtopic 2 (Topics you want to cover)
    3. Etc
  3. Topic Three……..
  • Review your APA booklet and websites for options on how to set an outline up
  • Please use the attached form to help you format your thesis and outline.
  • Sample Thesis Statement Outline.docx 
  • Assignment Directions
  • You must submit your paper to the OWL prior to submitting your work here. Failure to do so will result in an automatic 20 point deduction.
  • Please remember that the OWL takes 24-48 hours to process your work and return it.
  • OWL Submission Form
  • You must attach three files when submitting this assignment:
  1. The returned submission form from the OWL with the written feedback from the OWL
  2. The original assignment that the OWL returned with the specific feedback from the OWL on the assignment
  3. Your revised copy of the assignment.

Week 1: Questions to be Answered in Your Research

 Sample Questions to be Answered Submission Week 1-Questions to be answered in your research.docx – Alternative FormatsDirectionsThis assignment is comprised of 15 questions that you will be addressing in your paper. Each question is worth six points and will be graded on the quality and relevancy of the question and how it relates to your approved topic? Ten points of your grade will be focused on grammar and mechanical errors in your work, a deduction of one point will be taken off for each different type of grammar or mechanical error that is made.Here are some considerations for your research questions:

  • Many times, an outline can be formed by asking and answering certain questions about your project. 
  • Take the time to write out all your ideas (no detail is too small). 
  • Once you have accomplished this, pose questions that need to be asked to support your research. You should have a minimum of 15 quality questions!

Ensure you refer back to your Project Topic.

Be innovative and analyze your topic to ensure you cover your research professionally and thoroughly.

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