Wholefood casestudy | Management homework help

  • t’s a 30 minute presentation on WholeFood Case Study.  Create slides for your presentation on this topic.
  • Annotate each slide with what you want to say about the slide — either by adding notes at the bottom of the slide or in a separate document. (Using Microsoft PowerPoint.) 
  • The 4 case questions need to be answered are:
  1. What steps has WholeFoods taken inappropriately planning strategy? Assuming WholeFoods must develop a new business model, how should they go about this?
  2. What opportunities and threats can be identified through examining WholeFood in the context of the competitive forces model and competitor analysis?
  3. What has created the durability of WholeFoods’market presence? What has given them their competitive advantage?
  4. What functional level strategies have WholeFoods employed? Have these strategies been successful?
  • There should have a total of 15 quiz questions(multiple choice) in a separate Excel file. You can see the Quiz Question Template on another file.

Please look at the presentation fomat&flow for detailed instruction!!!

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