Wk 4 – signature assignment: international plastics, inc.


After the CEO reviewed your recommendation, he asked you to review the business application, the ERP system, and provide a system management plan. This plan provides the executive team with the details of a new or upgraded system implementation and helps to decide if it’s a viable solution for the business. A plan of this nature is typically 4 to 5 pages in length with charts when appropriate.

Develop a system management plan for a new enterprise system for International Plastics, Inc. Ensure you:

  • Incorporate an ERP, CRM, Supply Chain Management (SCM), and data management into the International Plastics’ IT infrastructure.
  • Summarize how software applications utilize the IT infrastructure.
  • Describe the ethical and regulatory concerns associated with the plan.
  • Classify each regulatory concern by its risk and potential impact.
  • Justify the plan in the context of improved business performance.
  • Address current trends and security concerns.

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