Write a 2-page self-reflection for each interview video


a. Watch the following two interview videos. 

Write a two-page (max length is three pages) self reflection paper (double spaced, Times New Roman, 12 pt font size) for each interview. Find relevant concepts and theories (e.g strategic leadership, business strategy, human resource management, finance etc) from the textbook in this class and tie that to interview contents.

(1) Interview video of Mr. Ferraiuolo is available at youtube link below.

Jonathan Ferraiuolo is CEO of the Pacific Holding Corporation. He earned his undergrad and MBA degrees from EWU and is now a guest instructor at GU. Here is his linkedin page and youtube interview video of him.

https://www.linkedin.com/in/jonathan-ferraiuolo-mba-8452951 (Links to an external site.)


(2) Interview video of Mr. Helmbrecht: 

Mr. Helmbrecht is invited by Magdalena Kernie who took this course in Spring 2021 quarter. I am appreciative that Magdalena makes the efforts to make the invitation which will broaden managerial horizons and bring practitioner’s perspective to this class.

Mr. Helmbrecht has been serving in many business leadership roles including CEO at Lakeside Capital Group (Jan 2015- Dec 2018), EVP and CFO at Itron (2005-2014).  Mr. Helmbrecht is a member of Board of Directors at Washington Trust Bank (Jan 2006-present).

You can find Mr. Helmbrecht leadership experiences and education at the following Linkedin page:


 Download Steve Helmbrecht talk_former CFO at Itron.mp4

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