Writer to chincreasing expressive numbers 1-20 with 80% accuracy

Create a Short paper and a PowerPoint presentation on Increasing Expressive numbers 1-20 with 80% accuracy across 5 consecutive sessions through discrete trial training.

: Prepare your demonstration lesson paper and PowerPoint.
Research your topic and write your demonstration lesson paper.  Produce a short PowerPoint demonstrating the application of your selected strategy.
Part A: Demonstration Lesson Paper. A paper written in APA format that provides background information about and an overview of your targeted skill and the strategies you propose to teach this skill. This paper should include:
•    Literature Review. A review of literature provides the theoretical background for your topic. This section demonstrates your understanding of your topic as well as reviews the empirical support for commonly used strategies. For example, if you selected “jumping” as the skill you wanted to teach, you would look at the literature on the different strategies used to teach children to jump, and what evidence there is to support each strategy in improving jumping among children. Integrate ideas across sources, making connections between ideas, theories, and previous results with your chosen strategies. This will help you to make recommendations based on the literature about what you would suggest using in the future.
•    Methodology. Select a strategy that you reviewed within your literature review, and discuss how you would demonstrate it in a lesson. The methodology should include an instructional objective, the step-by-step procedures you would use to teach the strategy, the measures and data you would collect to evaluate the approach at baseline through intervention, and how you would make decisions about its success.
•    Recommendations. This section presents the educational implications as well as limitations of the methodology used. Try to give some specific recommendations about why you selected the strategy you did, and under what conditions the strategy may be most effective.
As you prepare the paper, incorporate information from different research sources, textbook and video concepts, supplementary readings, class discussions, and your experiences. The paper should be no more than 8 pages (not including references). 
Part B: Demonstration Lesson Multimedia PowerPoint. A PowerPoint highlighting important aspects of your demonstration lesson is to accompany your paper to allow your classmates to learn about your selected strategy and the evidence supporting its use for the skill you have chosen to target. References to materials should be embedded in the narrative, and included in the reference list at the end of your slides.
A sample PowerPoint that provides information on the type of PowerPoint you might assemble for your Demonstration Lesson assignment can be found in the following area in the online course materials: Course Home > Major Assignments > Demonstration Lesson Assignment.

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