Writing assignment 500 words | Business Management

Using this Book Project Management: The Managerial Process Erik W. Larson https://online.vitalsource.com/reader/books/9781260736205/epubcfi/6/32[%3Bvnd.vst.idref%3Dchapter03]!/4/2/22/10/6[F3-2]/4%4050:74

You are the owner of a pool sales and service company. Your company handles everything from designing, installing, and maintaining pools, as well as any related accessories such as lighting, fencing, and decking.

The Rodriguez family have owned their home for 5 years and have built enough equity to take out a home improvement loan of up to $50,000. They enjoy backyard recreation, so they’ve decided to build a pool, pool deck, and privacy fence. The owners want their pool to be in-ground, at least 10’ x 30’, and of sufficient depth at one end for a diving board. Lastly, they want to be able to swim as soon as summer kicks off on Memorial Day 2021.

Their home is located within city limits, so you must consider building codes and any required permits prior to beginning work. Don’t forget that projects within city limits involving digging require marking from utility companies!

Part 1

Read pages 106-110. Using the example scope statement found on p. 109 as a guide, write a scope statement for designing and installing a pool for the Rodriguez family, as well as building a pool deck and installing privacy fence. Your scope statement must include each of the 8 components listed on p. 107. Note: If you’re not in the pool installation business, you’ll likely need to do some outside research to determine the required steps in this process. You may find this information from pool store websites, web articles, or any other online source.

Part 2

After writing the scope statement, provide a brief analysis of areas where you may most likely encounter scope creep, as well as steps you would take as a contractor to minimize it.

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