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 include a one-page report detailing how the skills taught in the online course are relevant to your career development.  At a minimum your report must contain:

A statement of your current career goal

A statement of the skills / qualifications required by your targeted career goal

A description of the skills taught in the course and how they are taught

A DETAILED discussion of how these skills make you a better candidate for a job that satisfies your targeted career goal


Title: high stakes communication

Imagine you’re in a room with a group of stakeholders, each of whom has the power to alter the course of your professional life. If you impress them, they’ll fund your project and champion you as a leader. If you falter, you’ll exit the room with a tarnished reputation. Are you prepared to handle a moment like this, even when it is unexpected? How do you set yourself up for success when so much is on the line? In this course, Jenna Lange shares techniques that can help you manage your message, your mindset, and your stakeholders when the stakes are high. Learn how to build concise, effective messages, manage your body language, avoid common pitfalls, and more. Along the way, Jenna shares case studies and surprising personal experiences that lend a real-world context to each concept.

-Learning objectives

Deliver concise messages

Use stories to compel and convey a point

Maintain the right mindset

Manage your physical presence

Connect with individual stakeholders

Manage multiple stakeholders

Avoid messaging pitfalls

-Skills covered

Interpersonal Communication

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