You have to also include pictures of the application using


2500 Word

APA Style

You have to also include pictures of the application using photoshop.Create your own e-commerce business in Saudi Arabia (website or mobile application), you need to explain the process that you will follow in building your e-commerce presence. include any revenue models

All the instructions are in the file ( Also the guidelines in the last page )


This is a sample of pet care application. It can help you to take some information and how the business work…

Idea of E-Commerce Business

Building a Pet Care Application

The idea of applying a pet care app can be said to be the idea that many people who have one or more pets in their homes have always wanted one or more pets, as these animals often pose a problem with running out of their owner’s time which leads to the inability to provide permanent care and care For these animals, here a lot will be in front of a difficult choice in abandoning these creatures or in giving up some jobs and jobs and changing the scheduling of programs in a way that suits the ability to allocate enough time for pets to feed and care for them.

I have included samples too, hope you do the best of your work.

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